A beagle pup curled up on a carpet of green grass
Peering at the noonday sky
Contemplating the actions of a fast moving cat
Along the old rickety fence
Effortlessly tippy-toeing like a cat with ten lives
He wonders what it’d be like to spend one day
Just one day
As a dog with a cat jumpsuit on
Hmmmm….he pondered.
I wonder what fun it would be to pounce from behind a
pile of leaves at a fast moving ant
Or what it would be like to jump from the hood of a car
Pretending to be as agile as a flying squirrel
Or what about licking my paws after eating from a can of cat food?
Oh what a joy to be a cat!
Then with a bit of hesitation the dog grew sad
He thought of all the wonderful attributes he already had
His master, his bed, his own special treats
“What was I thinking? “ said the dog
I’ve got it made in the shade here with my own family
I don’t want to be a cat after all
He quickly put an end to that thinking
And continued on with his almost perfect life
Never again would he go there with his thoughts
Of wondering what it would be like living a real cat’s life!
(Gwendolen Rix)

Motiv 2.3 × 2.4 cm, Aquarell
Papier 300g Aquarellpapier
Format 20 × 20 cm

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