Hey children! I am here, see,
Your old friend, a little dark bee,
On pinions, to and fro, in the sky!
Whenever you wanna my gift
Scuttle to our house, uplift,
And spoon sugar-globules and sit,
And muse over our labour
In the sun, so hot and so hotter,
And how we build our asset thither,
In the storm so sharp and rough
And when snow falls it gets tough
To suck nectar with handcuff.
How immensely our hopes go up
In all events and never drop in a cup!
This is the way to cross the big hiccup!
Do you pine for our fruits, so golden
That blooms after repose is shaken?
Follow us, do us, ere your dream is broken.
(Mohd Arshad)

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Motiv 1.4 × 1.3 cm, Aquarell
Papier 300g Aquarellpapier
Format 20 × 20 cm