They fought their way across the crevasses opening in the ice plateau until they reached the cliff above the Dorthea. Deep down she hurled herself against the ice wall long since surrounded by the debris of her own masks and spars and one of her boats … The ship hardly moved from the spot. Or, at best, by inches. John divided them into two shifts and took his watch from his pocket. Each group laboured for ten minutes; then it was the other’s turn. Any man who let go of the rope dropped to the ground as if unconscious; some of them vomited. Presumably the ship became heavier and heavier as the water poured in. John took all necessary steps to get the survivors out of the wreck.
(from ‘The Discovery of Slowness’ by Sten Nadolny)

Motiv 2.8 × 2.1 cm, Aquarell
Papier 300g Aquarellpapier
Format 20 × 20 cm

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