Tonight all the lights will be turned on. Hamburg’s new concert hall 'The Elbphilharmonie' was officially opened on 11 January 2017. The Elbphilharmonie is a concert hall in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg the popularly nicknamed Elphi. The building is sufficiently spectacular that many invoke the 'Bilbao effect‘.

Of course, much of the initial curiosity is directed at the architecture. The building is already a landmark, visible from far down the river. With its curved windows and white-tiled crested roof, the Elbphilharmonie dynamically contrasts with its sturdy, utilitarian brick foundation — a former cocoa warehouse — evoking a ship in full sail.
Perhaps the most persuasive answer to worries about elitism is the observation deck, at the intersection of the old brick and new glass parts of the building. Free to the public and offering a 360-degree view, it has drawn half a million visitors since it opened last November.

Subject 2.7 × 2.7 cm, Aquarell
Paper 300g Water Color Paper
Dimensions 20 × 20 cm

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