A Steinway & Sons concert grand piano, model D-274 (length: 274 cm / 107.9 in, width: 156 cm / 61.4 in, weight: approx. 480 kg / 1056 lb).
Each Steinway grand piano is handcrafted, consists of more than 12,000 individual parts, and takes nearly a year to build.
A majority of the world's concert halls own at least one Steinway piano, and some concert halls (for example Carnegie Hall) have model D-274s from both the Hamburg factory and the Queens factory to satisfy a greater range of preferences.

Subject 2.7 × 2.3 cm, Aquarell
Paper 300g Water Color Paper
Dimensions 20 × 20 cm

90 €
25 €
1 of 10 prints in original size on Hahnemühle PhotoRag® 308 gsm