It was a hand me down,
An old Chevy that grandpa didn’t need,
It was just a little truck,
But it would do,
Blue and silver, with rust sprouting up here and there,
A creaky tailgate,
No ac, but a sunroof,
Comfy seats that held you like a race car,
The smell of dust wafting from the vents
It had a little engine that needed work,
It had old tires that needed to be replaced,
A layer of dust that needed to be washed off.
But I didn’t care,
It was my first truck!
(John Buhler)

Subject 2.8 × 1.2 cm, Aquarell
Paper 300g Water Color Paper
Dimensions 20 × 20 cm

90 €
1 of 10 prints in original size on Hahnemühle PhotoRag® 308 gsm