I would make the noble Secretary Bird
my secretary
It would prance with vain dignity round
my room awaiting dictation
A secretary who’s capable of
spanning the skies and who
already has experience of flight an
perfect landings
(both most important with perfect landing a high priority)
And a fallen feather or two for a quill -
its sibilant squawks though I
at this moment have no idea at all
of its song or call
as inspiration or irritation
(Both most important with irritation acting often to form the near-perfect pearl)
The rare statue of the bird
Long hair feathers like pens behind its
ears although in fact the word
„secretary“ may be a french corruption of
Arabic „saqr-et-tair“ or „hunter bird“
since it roams the bush and
pounces on its prey with
powerful claws
(also important with both pounce and release indispensable prosodic attributes!)
(by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore)

Subject 2 × 1 cm, Aquarell
Paper 300g Water Color Paper
Dimensions 20 × 20 cm

120 €
25 €
1 of 10 prints in original size on Hahnemühle PhotoRag® 308 gsm