The rains fall on that mountain high
and soak the ashen earth
then wash into a small ravine
that widens to a narrow stream -
my heart and blood flow with it, nigh
upon a gliding mirth.
Then suddenly, it turns to wrath
becomes a river wide;
the torrent cuts a canyon path
into the mountainside
and digs into the world deep
and chisels through her bones
and courses through her weathered vanes
and echoes in her groans.
The river and my blood flow through
the underground below,
in silent limestone caves, alight
with glow-worms in their cavern-night,
emerging at the ocean blue
to join the ebb and flow …
(Marcus Eliot)

Motiv ∅ 27mm (1,06“), Aquarell
Papier 300g Aquarellpapier
Format 20 × 20 cm

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